The World is Worthless


The world is worthless. I don’t mean the actual Earth of course, but rather the things of man. Mans creation is worthless. I see all over how deeply engrossed everyone is in the world. It gives you nothing but momentary entertainment and fleeting happiness then it casts you into despair and depression. I have experienced the world; yes, many of you know how much of the world I have experienced and I have almost escaped all of it, Thank God!
It rather baffles some people and deeply frustrates others that I’ve known or been friends even family with. Nearly every friend I have ever had and most of my family reject me as well. Oh sure they’ll say a word or two to acclaim they don’t reject me, but that doesn’t mean they care to ever speak to me again. They will send a quick word or two ever so often saying they love me or miss talking to me, but they don’t ever want to talk to me. Why? Simple. I don’t care about the world.
Sports? I know nothing. TV? Don’t watch any. Netflix? I don’t watch it. Games? No time. Go out for a drink? I don’t drink, nor do I care for the establishments. Movie theater? I don’t watch movies.
Now if you’d like to talk about Jesus/God that’s different! I’ll talk all day, but that’s apparently a problem too, because I might not understand/interpret scriptures the same way and that’ll likely offend you or upset you and since rarely Christians are willing to examine their faith or scripture since it could mean they need to get more serious about God or change some things, that becomes a problem for them.
That however is really all I’m willing to talk about… I mean we could have like a 5 minute talk about a few minor subjects, but I’ll likely lead it into a spiritual discussion since that’s all that really matters anyhow.
I mean try to see it from my perspective for a moment. If almost all you ever read was the Bible or biblical study material and all you ever watched was Biblical documentaries or various sermons. Wouldn’t that be pretty much all that is on your mind? Goodness, I’ve been told I’m in a cult by people who used to care about me and all I study is the Bible! These are supposedly Christians calling me this!
I’ve got news for all of you! Things are about to change… change rapidly! The world you know today won’t be the world you know in 10 years! The next 10 years are going to be the most testing years anyone has ever faced in human history. Ah I can see the eye rolls from that, but whatever, you won’t believe me because you’re blind inside the distractions the world provides. You are all so distracted.
The internet, TV, Sports, Games, Movies, Facebook… they are just there to pull your focus from the real world God made for you. Sure they are entertaining, but they are unfulfilling and destructive too. I’d love to talk all about it sometime with you all, but alas your next season of whatever show is about to start on Netflix so you probably don’t have the time. See ya old friends!


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