Are you a slave to Jesus? Have you cleaned out all of the ‘You’ in you and made yourself pure so as to be the temple of God? Have you turned from ALL of the things of this world to follow him? You can’t do this part-time. You can’t have all the things YOU desire and give to God all of yourself! You have to sacrifice your will and live his will!
Is this offensive to you to think? Are you trying to justify ‘you’ in yourself?
Sinners turn from yourselves and repent! The Lord comes soon and you are blinded to the ways of the world! You try to justify yourselves, but you are not justified to God! You must be righteous in the sight of the Lord and surrender ALL of the world for him! You cannot enter the gates of heaven if you have not repented of your selfishness and pride! You MUST end your life and begin a life in HIM who GAVE his life to make a way, but the gate is narrow and few will enter through it. There will be wailing and nashing of teeth where you are going if you continue your wicked ways of the world.


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